There may be trouble ahead….

You can’t beat a bit of Frank can you? Like the advert says “talk to Frank!” Maybe they didn’t mean Old Blue Eyes.

So why the trouble? Well, I’ve been invited to tag along to a local tgirl event (not just for *local* people apparantly) but – now any closet trans folk reading this are going to guess the next line – the Ever Lovely Mrs J isn’t keen on me going out ‘dressed’. Of course, Little Miss Closet here is dying to go out. It’s been weeks since I’ve dressed up and longer since I’ve been out in like minded company. Of course, I kind of already know the answer even if I can just get the balls* to ask P if I can go.

Dressing up is one thing, but going out and meeting other trans folk is quite another. I wonder why it’s such fun? Maybe, Freud is right and it’s all sex & death. The sex bit? To quote a far funnier blog, ‘I am my own porn’. Death? Well, these shoes are killing me. 🙂

* Balls huh? There’s an ironic term when most t-girls fuss over hiding them. 🙂


  1. So what you going to do hon? A dilemma I’ve faced myself often enough…I’ve answered it by not going out, because I promised. Though goodness knows I want to, I want to keep my word even more.

    Jo 🙂

  2. Lynn-

    But wouldn’t going out to talk to other gurls likes us be fun if they could be friends? I mean to say that if they share the same interests as you do, then perhaps they can be friends, just friends that happen to know a little more about you than your ‘male mode’ friends.

    Just a thought… I certainly wouldn’t mind having some friends like those… would be great, I think, but the only way it’ll heppen is if we go out and meet them, which I think might be a touch easier if we were ‘out’ too. 🙂

  3. One year later and I sus the problem with ‘comment auditing’! Sorry, I didn’t mean to snub you.

    Well, it’s a bit late now for an answer, as we all know how things have turned out.

    Going out was probably the best thing I did as a tranny. It helps you accept who you are. There’s no price tag for that.

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